Quickbooks Accounting

QuickBooks Accounting Support and Training in Canada

For many business owners and managers looking to set-up their financial accounting, they will quickly come across QuickBooks as an accounting software alternative. We can assist you with the setting up QuickBooks to manage your company’s finances and ensure you are leveraging this powerful accounting tool effectively.

QuickBooks Software Options

QuickBooks is a dynamic software that offers several different specific products to appeal to different types of users.

QuickBooks Online is the core online option available and can support everything from small family businesses to larger corporations. While the core program is the same, there are numerous additional add on programs and features that can be paid for to address specific needs, for example payroll or point of sale terminals.

QuickBooks Self-Employed is an online option that is specifically tailored to individuals who work for themselves, i.e. as contractors, freelancers, or operating a home business. This version is scaled down and doesn’t include some features in QuickBooks online that are unnecessary for an individual seeking to manage their individual finances.

QuickBooks Desktop is a broad range of software options provided that are not online but managed on your own computer. The basic QuickBooks Pro is effective for most small businesses, and as those businesses grow, they can consider the Premier or Enterprise packages that provide additional features. One downside is that unlike the Online versions, you can’t simply integrate additional features by purchasing an add-on, but rather need to upgrade to the next version of the software as your needs change.

Determining the ideal package for your business can be difficult, thus a consultation can be provided to businesses and individuals as to which version of QuickBooks makes the most sense for you from a feature and cost perspective.

Tutorials and Personal Training Services for QuickBooks

Navigating any accounting software for the first time can be difficult for many business owners and managers in terms of understanding some of the terminology and how to navigate the software. We can provide personalized tutorials and training for both owners and managers as well as the staff on hand who may be working in QuickBooks on a daily basis. This can greatly assist with ensuring you are getting the most of your software and that the work, using QuickBooks, is done as efficiently as possible.

QuickBooks Support and Help Services

In addition to tutorials and training, there is often a need for ongoing support and help when using QuickBooks. While the software provides some online support, often what is needed is guidance on how to address a specific transaction or tax issue with QuickBooks. Our team can provide the ongoing support that many businesses need, and ensure that you have a professional resource to quickly and expertly address your needs.

Canadian Customers

A key benefit for Canadian customers when adopting QuickBooks is that Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, has an emphasized focus on the American and Canadian markets. This means that compared to some other accounting software options, QuickBooks is more readily set-up to address the needs of Canadian customers. QuickBooks users in Canada can expect a system that easily address their sales tax needs and can also be leveraged in preparing their annual tax return.

As a result of this focus QuickBooks is the top accounting software in the Canadian market used by Canadian businesses and professional accountants. Our team has extensive QuickBooks experience and can assist you with addressing Canada specific issues with your software.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor

A unique feature of QuickBooks is that the software developers recognize and certify experienced QuickBooks using accountants as ProAdvisors. In addition to what can be learned from available QuickBooks resources, a ProAdvisor is also someone with extensive hands on knowledge gained from using the software.

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is tested on their knowledge of QuickBooks (in a multi-hour exam) to ensure they can provide clients with the in depth knowledge required for the certification. As a result you can rest assured that our QuickBooks ProAdvisors are highly skilled professionals with specific in depth knowledge of the software who can assist you with all of your business needs. Our team can provide you with ongoing access to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help and support your business.